Themes of the profound, ocean-deep fecundity and the fluid power of this mythical sea person are explored in this painting. Typical humanoid features and specifications are modified to accomodate the vision of living at and under sea. The hands, for example, mimic the terrestrial body part but are reversed and stylized to suggest flippers. And, the elbow joint is hyper-extended because it seemed to me that would help with flexible swimming. (I considered seals and sea lions as I intuitively painted the hyperextended joint.)

Mermaid Swimming Up is part of the Wu wei (effortless action) folio that includes the following additional paintings:

Journey to Incarnation (completed and currently for sale – see home page posts)

Blue Streak of The UnKnown

Stillhanging in Air


Original work of art 24″ x 30″ acrylics on canvas


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