Portraiture (in situ)


Tohm Bakelas – Witch Doctor Poet (private collection)

The Battle of Mondrian 20180831.jpg
Jack McCready – The Battle of Mondrian (private collection)

Renee Setting the Hook, Horseshoe Bend, Antietam Creek

Setting The Hook SOLD

24″×16″ Oil on Panel


The Gauco 20180413
The Gaucho (private collection)
Shogun 20180415 02
Shogun (private collection)
The Messenger (Private Collection)


Walt Whitman

Pencil and Pastel on Paper


Self-Portrait Ribbon of Darkness
Self Portrait:  Ribbon of Darkness (Private Collection)
Coronation Framed
Coronation (Private Collection)
Judas Losing Jesus
Judas Losing Jesus 9″ x 12″ Charcoal on Paper
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