Deep Field Galaxies InnerSpace

30 x 24 Blackhole Acrylic Paint, Crushed Pastels and Gloss Polymer Varnish on Canvas

This is the first painting in a series of InnerSpace paintings. I have always been struck by the analog of OuterSpace to InnerSpace, especially when we consider that InnerSpace may be more complex and vast and populated with many more autonomous and unique large particles. I think I am exploring a common field – the one that may be there when membranes breakdown. I am using experimental approaches with mediums, surfaces and tools when I construct these paintings. For this painting I started by coating the surface with one of the new “black hole paints” which are reputedly constructed with the same or similar technologies to those used to coat stealth systems. I then crumble or sprinkle on color – in this case Sennelier pastels. (For those of you cringing at my using these expensive pastels in such a profligate manner, they had been lying around unused for more than a decade.) My plan is to use crush pastels and/or powered pigments to sprinkle in the particles in space. The surface in this case is traditional canvas treated with gesso. I soak everything with a massive amount of gloss polymer varnish which, I was delighted to discover, enhanced the texture of the particle field and added to a real 3-dimensional element.

Deep Field Galaxies InnerSpace

$1000 Painting + $60 MD Tax + $30 Shipping


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