Art Trash

Like many other artists, I can become insanely exuberant about the materials and tools I use to create a work of art. I could easily impoverish my family by buying up any new color or brush or surface that is the most recent offering. I am enamored by the new technologies, love the excitement of understanding the medium, surface, or tool and am lured into a feeling of contentment and confidence by the process of researching, selecting, acquiring and, most of the time, using the new piece of art supply.

But, this is all undermined and undone when I notice and remember all the trash I am also creating. For me, it is truly antithetical to the act of artistic creation to also be producing so much garbage. Honestly, for me it isn’t worth it. Fuck Art – if the products of artistic expression are going to end up in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch or some other giant trash eddy. Art becomes ancillary to an ugly thing.

So, as an act of atonement perhaps or maybe instead as an act of appeasement, I have become a trash collector. I pick through the trash looking for useful bits of discard.

And, guess what! I find them. I fine lots of things I can put back into service instead of throwing them into the Pacific Ocean, instead of spending so much money unwisely, instead of distracting myself from the fundamentals of Art-itself. Most of them work just as well as the things purchased from the art supply house inventory. Sometimes, the things I pluck from the trash work much better.

So, now I will be posting some videos. Raw, unprofessional, informal, but born of perhaps a purer impulse:

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