Final Day

“Marilyn is intriguing in that it is not the accepted standard ‘glamorous or sultry’ portrait but a portrait that reveals her deep inner sadness and possible regrets within her life as she looks back upon it within her final hours, so I love this too!”
John D. Robinson

This collection is so aptly named. A moonbird implies beauty, nature, life, where you wouldn’t expect to find it–a wing launched from basalt rock. Take, for example, the poem “Router Error.” I love the tonal shift from exasperation—the speaker threatening to “rip out that cord” of that maddening hardware and cast it into water—to sudden dark wonder at finding “lovely young frightening” Ophelia, staring up from below the surface. You never see see what’s coming in Moonbird. You think it’s one thing, and then the kaleidoscope of Stanton’s eye reveals something else, startling and new.

Router Error

If you run
one more patch cord from
the punch down block strung
through the concentrator
to the server
I will rip out that cord
and isolate your instability
wrap the nagging symptom around your meek neck and yank up
over your own Comm rack your kicking feet

and throw your limp body into the cool green pool

where it floats with water hyacinth and dryads
on your back singing you
small white face breaking the glassy surface of the water
crimson lips
little white hands blue veins sculling
elegant fans of swimming hair
buoyant and singing
lovely young frightening woman steps dripping from the pool

the power of

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