A Word About Pricing

I am an artist attempting to support his family on earnings from art. I am motivated to price at a level that supports that goal. But, I find it incredibly difficult to value my artwork with a price. There are days when a piece of my artwork appears (to me) to be worth thousands, millions, trillions. There are days when the same piece seems (to me) to be truly worthless. So, I have made it purely a matter of basic math. I charge $50 an hour to produce a painting, and I track the hours. I have found at this price point, provided I keep producing artwork, we can keep our home, two cars, good healthy food on the table, healthcare coverage, etc.

Having outlined the basic math, I also want to say that I am equally motivated to have my artwork in the hands of people who appreciate it. Though I am a bit possessive (gathering all the pieces up in my arms from time to time), I do want the artworks to be out there. I am therefore willing to work with you. I can offer pricing plans with monthly payments and, in some cases, offer discounts.

Please don’t let price deter you from talking to me about acquiring a painting.


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