POEMS OUT LOUD – 100 False Figures

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Now you will become but refuse to be always the 1-you…10000-Ovids

Less and separate from you,
more and I am still alive.
Calculate again from you in the far back of this 10000-cave.
I scratch solar powders across the invisible hard roof.
Remembering myself 100-blind,
I have re-imaged a fading recollection of you.

How did I get here,
at the bottomless-black of the far-10-interior?
I swept a circle out and around
the 1-close-earth spinning spinning spinning;
soot and ochre are flung from 1-early-intimate-sun.
Here and there everywhere are 10-stardust-showers.
For stone dumb delight of which,
accretes fresh planetary slips

We can dream ourselves into these 100-figures
and curry 1-envelope of being.
Follow your evasion through 10000-forms

1000-leaping bodies
the hunted-10

penetrate 1-beaten-being-bruised.

Let the universe dream.
It will conjure 10000-landscapes-bold.
The 1-fire will temper something real.
You will consume selves again,
while the body’s other life-diminish sleeps in the 1-nurturing-dark.

I am not trying to panic
to flee to 1-run
to slip inside to become way-strong to survive down-back here.
Down-back is the 10-bottomless-black of us,

Its safe if you can’t come.

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