The great karmic wheel crushes everything in its path.
Haruki Murakami

Tangled bellpearls ring out her terrific sadness.
Lie down and bury yourself
withindrifts of blushpetals,
your battered soul blown to the far side of the worldsorrowpeal.

She has just arrived for the handnestlepalms and lightpathunseenknown,
and she is already leaving.
but she found you.
10,000 lives 10,000 worlds, and still she found you.

We live in a rivergel which heavystuck are you?
Which mess which meltpart of the processstick are you?
Please come on with me.

Painted irridescentfishtrails soak the ocean.
Avian migrations lightup the birdglobalsky.
The herds plunge into the River Mara and the rumbling die.
I have to see you Ihalf2.
Which one are you which are youbecomechoice?

Come on
Let’s get out of here.

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