8×8 acrylic gouache on treated cardboard

My painting is a response to Jacqueline Moran Meyer’s story “The Watcher” – an intensely tragic, terrifying and troubling depiction of distorted humanity.

This kind of mindset, the one that deludes and re-structures reality to fit perverse needs, seems to me to be a destroyed personality without the possibility of redemption.

At a personal level, the level in which the antagonist in Meyer’s story is operating, this is deeply upsetting to me because, as always, it is the innocents who suffer the most.  (In this case, a beautiful infant).

What is even more upsetting to me is that this kind of delusional re-structuring can and does occur on larger, broader, elevated scales.  My painting, in response to Jacqueline’s story, is a visceral release of the tension I felt considering this personal and societal condition.

“A Birth Upon This Earth” is an ugly, messy, raw painting – I used harsh, conflicting colors, black characterization, a tattered surface, a bottom layer wash of darkness, sharp, jagged disjointed images and postures that intend to convey fundamental, organic violence and despair.



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